Thursday, February 15, 2018

Being a Fangirl (IGOT7 edition)

It's tiring.. of course.
With constant voting. I mean it DOES NOT end.
But I like it.
I mean, I dont recall a day of not voting.  Everyday, the same routine. Vote, click, Vote, Click.

Still it is what makes fangirling so exciting.


Thank you for making me happy, (Yes.. I do seek happiness from other things also. Do not judge me yet )But living in a place where most of the thing you do is practically the same everyday(go work, go home, go work, go home), stanning GOT7 did help me most when I was the most vulnerable.

Yes.. i am 28.. Still fangirls. And the perk of being an adult and working woman, I get to buy expensive merchs and albums with light heart. ( do not judge me yet, coz I know what impression people're gonna get when I said I M 28 and STILL FANGIRLS) - I did my part - donate, save. I use my freaking hard earned money.. and people should never think that as an act of wasting money coz it is basically the same as collecting shoes, dress, figurines...

People do what makes them happy.

I dont know when this gonna end. But when Im still at it, might as well just enjoy everything .

dont judge.. people has their own way to seek happiness and pleasure. And I hope whoever reading this also will find the things that make you happy.

Watch this video at your own risk!

ps:  disclaimer.. I might write abt Got7 sometimes in the future and also abt me. Just to remind you again. this is a personal blog. i tend to write anything that came up in my brain.

Have a nice day~!

Proud IGOT7 xx

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Trending Hot dogs in Korea?

Usually we have our buns with meat sausage. But right now in Korea they have these kind of hot-dogs.


They use fish instead of meat sausage?

I think this one is interesting. I am open to new flavor as long as the bones are removed first or... better if the bones are edible as they melt in your mouth. Too much description for a hot dog?

  Maybe this will go well with thai chili sauce?

Another one is the super healthy version of hotdog..
CucumDog as to Cucumber dog? Err weird. I know.

They just replace the sausage with a cucumber. Urgh.. I dont think I can it this one. I am pretty sure this will taste 'healthy' hahaha.  Not tasty.


Maybe if they put slices of cucumber rather than a whole one between the buns I think I might give it a try.

What a weird world we live in...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Jom Kenal

Setahun menyepi, mati kutu aku. Most of my bloglists are also on hiatus... πŸ˜•
Last update ada yang 3 years ago.... 6 bulan lalu...
Banyak juga yang berenti dari blogging..

So... Aku dah takda sumber nak baca blog baru.πŸ‘€πŸ’¦
Lebih lebih, wifi sek ni dah la ada limit/ restrictions.. Susah nak mencari blog-blog di pasaran.
Asyik baca blog yang sama je.
Dulu dulu masa muda mudi asik ajak orang blogwalking je. Now dah lama tak aktif....  so there is nothing new to read.

Please sapa-sapa yang mahu diblogwalking, followers .please leave me your trace ;) I can go to you. As long your blog is fun to read!

Jom saling follow/ komen  dan berkenal kenalan.


Entry Best!