Sunday, March 29, 2009


So long since the last time i wrote something real from my mind
deep from heart using full English!

haha..Sorry Miss Keloe,I think my grammar is getting worse n worse.
My lust desist me from doing any of my old routines
Mr.Dictionary is now sulking and i dont even feel like
reading any English novels and even news.

Frankly speaking, i m kinda envy reading some of bloggers
posts who much of them sincerely writing it in English!~
I know, im not a good student..

And i know i will suck in my ORAL,.
my English is worse!!!! [ there is lots of gramatical error,
n for those who know,please kindly tell me.Would be really happyy]

Haha...till now..

Feeling like writing in Malay again..

Please Mr.Lust..can u behave??


L:Qib, why dont u use MALAY??more simple,more easy
Q:U shut UP! because of u , i got this &^$#ing suck*&^ grammartitude!!
L:Without me, u r incomplete
Q:I knowww...U r indispensable for meeeeee..;( [ easy to trick]
L:Please Q, it's only English, u can re-learn,,Moreover,its easy
Q:what???????&&^^$$%!U!GET LOST
Q:yeah u!
L:Okay fine.but sure u'll regret..
Q:Oh yeah??we'll see..


Since that day, Q had lost her LUST, n then she started to realize that it was NOT
her lust she got real suck in ENGLISH but herself..

So, because of not having any LUST left, she stayed SINGLE

n not interested in any men, EXCEPT for any handsome, attracting actorssss..

hehe.. There is still a bit of lust in herr..


Entry Best!