Sunday, March 29, 2009



Second post for the DAY..

my head is aching,.
in real pain..
wonder why.
So jealous looking at Cek Ten sleeping
soundlessly like a baby in front me..

Yeah, I admit,

It's kinda real hard for me to
close my eyes right now.

JUST skyping with Cek Yun..
Hehe, got her LINK n now real satisfied.

Yuni can no more hiding her BLUE secrets from me..
sorry cek YUN..
i am so bored.Dont know what to say.
n my mind is spinning like unstoppable wheel of fortune. all readers.
i am now changing my way of writing.
Dont feel awkward or annoyed ..
I am following wut HAK told us to do..


n now..still in the process of watching the episodes
of MY GIRL..[ Yeah, i know, i am the one on the earth who
still havent watched the drama! but who cares?? ]

Here, i am giving away my award of RECOGNITION to
Cek Hatiqah for introducing me this drama..YADAYADA

three more epis left..
a lil upset cos at the time when Gong-Chan and Yoo rin started going out,
things got more complicated and the funny parts are getting less n less!!


hehe,,giving away 4 out of 5 stars coz i am a
real sweet girl..



Putting away my hands off the keyboard..
k.daaa..have a nice day..TAKE CARE ★★


tulip puteh said...

Wah. pandai skiping ye?

Akak x pandai sngt ckap omputeh.
Lama tunggu update.

PinQib said...

heh.. online lg ke?

kukuchimachikumi said...

cik qib2...

cptlh mnghabiskn mnonton

bnyk g cte in list 2...


qib mnjiwng....

PinQib said...

jiwo ppoo??;)

little black dress said...

oit...cewah3 qib....

Anonymous said...

kib dh tgok my girl

Entry Best!