Thursday, November 5, 2009

Waah,,aii missed writing here,

man,, The pressure, wtf.
yeahhhh.. exam is onnn noww,babe.
wtf. again.
i cant stop saying that.
i hate X, i hate everything that has something to do with her!!
she the damned bitch i have ever known. wtf.
and today,
i thought of cursing her again.
i totally hate her,
yeah,maybe she thinks that im gonna so totally off with her after she
went to see me and some kind looking faced asked for my forgiveness,
but totally, HELL NO~!

two-faced bitch.
seriously, the first person, i would wanna kill,
is her and her @#$%^&

aww,, thats real harsh.
okay, speaking off the f.devil.
my exam was kinda hard, i m not really sure, i would get an A, like the last one.
totally, im crossing fingers right now.
shit, the damned internet, wasssss. so fucking lame.
i couldnt even view my own blog.
okay, im
back to the top now. ill try my best giving 110% attention for this baby!!


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