Friday, September 30, 2011


Have u ever wondered going to a place where you'd be the queen and everyone is slave. Yes. It's sweet and it does happen. That's right. It only happens in your dream.

There is no place LIKE that. Even if you think you are living in one, it is not even close to the thing mentioned above. We are slave. Slave for time,work and food (exaggeration). The truth is, it's not REALITY!!!!

Like seriously. Things have been real hectic. I've become so much lazier than before. I hook up on "How I Met Your Mother" sitcom. Basically it's an English drama, where each episode is like guessing the soon-going-to be-wife of Ted. I just watched Season 4, so it's still a long way to go.

The problem is, whether to buy tickets now or later. I mean, Raya Haji is coming closer. Hello, and here i am in Kedah. So many kelantanese here and i'm hell scared that the tickets would be sold out. Hemm.... Aku bukan apa. Aku hanya percaya jenama Tran******l. Bas lain aku tak layan. No way. This one, brand T is like a punctual boyfriend who you can always depend on. Yerp.

Hem... And my money is running short. I hope i can survive for few weeks more before the 'real' cuti . Wuhuuuuu..

Friday, September 9, 2011

Top 5 Sites

Assalamualaikum for readers.

Haip.. Semalam, unexpectedly there was one of my coursemates kept trying to read my blog in front of me. Like, ciao..! Hello. Sangat menyampah okay. Well, i did write some nasty things like mengumpat. But normal la kan.....

Since that i had blocked my blog and only blog authors have permission to read it. But i guess he wont be reading (the coursemate) again, i decided to open my blog to public. Done.

Again. Today feel like sharing some sites, i really hook on. Like, setiap kali connect to internet, memang obliged nak bukak sites ni ohsem!

Oh, yang ini memang list pertama. Aku sangat addicted dengan site ini. Sebab boleh tengok music video (MV) terutama sekali artis yang aku minat, ada kpop shows, ada youtube celebrities like Ryan Higa (hensem ohh mamat ni), ada Shane Dawson (juga mamat sengal) . Depa antara yang mempunyai highest number of subscribers. Sangat funny laaa video-video depa.. Aku kurang sikit macam AnuarHadi ke Matlutfi tu, probably because they are not as funny as the two i mentioned first... Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =)

This is where you will get latest updates about KPop world. Kalau kau peminat Kpop macam aku, site ni memang ko wajib terjah like, daily. Sebab memang dia update setiap hari. Tak macam kita.. Beautiful Nara tu kadang-kadang berhari-hari tak update. Oh, sangat tidak kewl okay. Dah la setiap post dalam AllKpop ada gambar, memang best ler.

Ni pulak website mana kau nak donload citer-citer (variety shows-drama pun ada) Korea yang English subbed (with English Subtitles) . Web ni sangat bagus sebab hampir semua citer shows korea susah nak cari yang english subbed. This site provides banyak shows dan subtitle depa sangat berkualiti. Nak download pun boleh. Tapi, kena ada Speedbit downloader la. Baru Chioaw... @-@

..... Everyone knows......

Every blogger knows.....


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Assalamualaikum. Hye allz. Huuuu. It has been nearly a month since i last updated my Pink Baby. Tsk (sigh). Time really wins over me. I don't even have time to watch my favorite KPop shows, drama and etc. Seriously. It was a mind battle and i nearly drown in busyness. Aku sangat bizi wooo. Esok akan kena antar esemen Pendidikan. And by the next sunday, there would be 3 more. I'm already exhausted. Never felt like this in my entire life.

Satu time, ketika otak kau begitu tepu. Sampai satu tahap kau tak boleh langsung nak karang apa-apa dalam sheet puteh Microsoft Word 2007. (@-@). Sampai macam tue sekali , kau tahu? Dah dua kali macam tu. Tapi tiap kali jadi camtu, aku amek jalan mudah, tidur. Em.. That is why, kerja banyak lagi tak siap. Darn!!!

I missed writing here. Like, seriously! Aku sedih giler, bile tengok Shoutbox, ada orang cakap:

Miss Pink, rindu kamu.... Biler nak update ??

Rasew nak nanges, gitueww. (gelis doh)
Ni pun curi-curi amek masa sikit sebelum nak siapkan esemen. Macam dok dalam penjara. Tehee. Harap aku dapat siapkan lah by tonight and before Sunday kannnnn.. Life aint easy mates.

See you soon.

Ps: Followers meningkat, readers pun still ada, Alhamdulillah. Thanx mates sekalian... Love.

Entry Best!