Friday, September 30, 2011


Have u ever wondered going to a place where you'd be the queen and everyone is slave. Yes. It's sweet and it does happen. That's right. It only happens in your dream.

There is no place LIKE that. Even if you think you are living in one, it is not even close to the thing mentioned above. We are slave. Slave for time,work and food (exaggeration). The truth is, it's not REALITY!!!!

Like seriously. Things have been real hectic. I've become so much lazier than before. I hook up on "How I Met Your Mother" sitcom. Basically it's an English drama, where each episode is like guessing the soon-going-to be-wife of Ted. I just watched Season 4, so it's still a long way to go.

The problem is, whether to buy tickets now or later. I mean, Raya Haji is coming closer. Hello, and here i am in Kedah. So many kelantanese here and i'm hell scared that the tickets would be sold out. Hemm.... Aku bukan apa. Aku hanya percaya jenama Tran******l. Bas lain aku tak layan. No way. This one, brand T is like a punctual boyfriend who you can always depend on. Yerp.

Hem... And my money is running short. I hope i can survive for few weeks more before the 'real' cuti . Wuhuuuuu..


aliesha kirana said...

qib!!! rindu qibbb jugakkk! heheehehe. percaya jenama T aje? hehehee. AK dl sllu amik bas SP Bumi kalau nak balik terengganu. heheehehehe.. best2! selesa. laalaa

Aisumi Chan Kawa'i said...

tudia speaking yangg~ heheee.. lama xdgr cite kamu nihh..

Entry Best!