Thursday, November 24, 2011

Useless Hobby

Till now, one of my most favor activities to do is of course playing SIMULATION games. This is totally differ compared to ACTION games, PUZZLE games and etc. We'll see what SIMULATION game means by definition:

Simulation is an imitation. So, simulation games are games that imitate a real-life situation.

There are several types of course. Ada jenis flight simulation, life simulation and business/city simulation games. Jenis -jenis ini berbeza ye kawan-kawan. And what I love the most is hell yeah, LIFE SIMULATION!


Life Simulation: We'll play it like playing doll. Muahaha. Sangat tidak relevan. We simulate our little people to live it the way we like it. Eg: The Sims, Virtual Villagers, Virtual Families and My Tribe.

Dulu I was crazed by The Sims. Bought all the series. The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. I've got tired of 'em by now. Dah tak lalu nak layan The Sims. Kinda nasty. Sekarang dok layan My Tribe and Virtual Families (downloaded them from HERE)

Both games (My Tribe & Virtual Families) kadang-kadang sangat slowly progressed. Tapi keeping the satisfaction we want . It's like 50% on us and 50% on our little people (controlling). Berbeza dari The Sims. Sims is like 98% on us. Everything is controlled, managed by player. So, got bored pretty fast. Amazingly, these two games (My Tribe & Virtual Families) keep going on even when we shut the computer off. So, they make us feel excited to go see them (I mean, when on-ing the computer) the next they.


Snap shots from MY TRIBE only.. Becox I am LAZY.

The community.

The Map. There are thousands of islands.

Creating potions.

Till then. Buybye. Good nite.


Mak Su said...

skrg maksu lyn game tembak tembak

safwanmahzin said...

rajinya si qibb ni..=)

nabilah_2908 said...

mcm best dh mula terpengaruh nk mendownload ni..huhu..

tkpe...tkpe...tahan sikit...bookmark dulu link yg Qib bagi ni.. :)

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

gua layan pokemon... :D

A.I said...

alaa, aku tak reti main game comel2 cam ni.
sekarang aku layan angry bord.
tu pon dah bosan.

tp game lalai laa.
aku tgh sem mmg tak jadi keje.
so better not!

sya fieqa said...

hoit..xbg aq game pon ari 2..
busan dok rmh..wuuu~

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