Friday, November 25, 2011

XiaXue, The Pink Lady

Pink and gorgeous!

I totally love her. Love her look, love her writings and mostly love her courage and confidence for having plastic surgeries and yet, be brave enough to admit it.

Who is this XiaXue by the way???

XiaXue's also known as Wendy, is a famous Singapore Blogger. And she is nominated for 2 nominations which are Best Life Style Blog and Most influential Blog. She deserves 'em. Like, seriously!!!

Most people rarely know her probably because she is Chinese and a Singaporean blogger. But no worries, I'm providing LINK here so you all could straight away click on the link and be prepared to read that awesome blog. There are cosmetic reviews, interesting ads and much more!


You could also subscribe to her YOUTUBE ACCOUNT so that you'll always be updated with her new videos!

VOTE for her if you like her. And me, of course, I've voted for her. (multiple of times). Gonna vote again and hope she'll win for sure.

Not familiar with XiaXue? Here are some pictures (she used to be blonde for a while)

Reviewing make-up products

Like a Greek princess

Hello kitty lover


Ps: I love her because she is a pink LOVER and her hair is so pink (NOW) that I almost cry for it. Muahaha.. Ok. Bye redface. Don't forget to check out her BLOG!


Anisa Hang Tuah said...


Izz Hazwani said...

Suka tengok dia. Lawaaa, mata dia, rambut dia, bibir dia. KULIT DIA.

aliesha kirana said...

hahaahaha. sebab dia pink, terus qib ske eh.. ehehehehe. tp mmg somel!

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

amoi rambot blonde2 ni sgt ohsem


ILA HonEyBuNNy said...

pinky tu...

semua pink..suka lah..ehheheh

sya fieqa said...

aq knl dy nih...
byk wat pmbedahan plastik..
kire ok la hasilnyer..

Anati Soki said...

seyes.. comel giler! :)

amalina afif afandie said...

nmpk mcm fake sikit muka dia.. xpecially 3 dr bawah.. tapi wow.. memang cute la..

saffiya_aleesya @ echa said...

wahhh memang fanatik pink ni sampai rambut un warna pink..tapi pe pun mmg comel.

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