Friday, December 23, 2011

Human turns into Hampire

Hampire yang hampeh. hehe.. But still, I think I did a good job..


A good looking girl once. Very cheerful. Anak yang menolong emaknya membuat kue. Selepas itu dibunuh oleh landlord for rejecting the wedding proposal.

Flashy red lip gloss, fake eyelashes, outstanding grey contact lenses and made the cheeks look extra healthy by putting rosey blush.


Eat people and seduce them for their meat. Oh.. Delish. Using the lashes to spread the fume of seduction and the tears flowing on her cheeks to cover up her evilness.

Messy make up especially the lips part. I tried creating the JOKER LOOK on her. And changed the lens color to reddish to make her look dangerous. The melted mascara on her cheeks is caused by the tears of being murdered by the landlord. She's hiding her fangs well enough inside her smelly mouth filled with blood. The lashes are more thicker and the blue eye-shadow looks well with the devilish looktwisted.

Model: Ilyana Q. My cousin. Muahaha. twisted


aliesha kirana said...

wah! pnadai ah qib mengedit. seyes jadik! eeheh

kLiPKeRt@sPiNk said...

takut aku tgk !!huish...dh le tgh mlm ni...heeeeeeee

nabilah_2908 said...

auuuuuu......scary nya mmuka yg last tu..

tapi warna lipstick tu cantik la...hehe.. :)

Entry Best!