Wednesday, February 29, 2012

KotaKoti, Real Life Barbie

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UPDATE!! (June ‘12): New entry about DAKOTAROSE. She is cute! Please read and SHARE! Have a nice day, earthlings =)

Hoho. Tonight... Im gonna stay up. Need to finish my P.Point Slide. Hehe. just finished reading a SUPER KAWAII BLOG, with a SUPER KAWAII blogger. Thanks to Fyka (click) cox introducing her to me.. Echehceh..

Kotakoti/ Dakota Rose/ Dakota Ostrenga or also known as REAL LIFE BARBIE/DOLL is superbly beautiful. But shame, I believe the pictures, are all photoshopped. Just like XiaXue. BUT

XiaXue's better cox she admits she photoshopped hers .
KotaKoti doesn't admit she photoshopped em'. She even deleted her old blog (tons of her old pics - she was a Scene).

Jaman Jahiliah

Totally different. Now she is

Kawaii desu desu~~

Awwwwww (notice how her boops get bigger --- Photoshopped

Although she may do some massive photoshopes to her pics, I still like her, cox she does look like doll. Just like XiaXue. Why do I keep comparing these two?? (-_-")

XiaXue is CUTE. My fave Singaporean blogger!

So, if you want to read KotaKoti's blog and experience yourself the beauty of KotaKoti, click HERE!

Here's some random pics, I found AWESOME!!!


I wish I had these long legs

Blue eyes

Is this even human?

Totally photoshopped

She is just 16, going 17 this September!

Cute thing.

Well, I supposed her REAL and FAKE don't seem different too much, except for the eyes (awesomely bigger), chin (extremely pointy), nose and lashes. Keukue ^^

Till then. Good Night

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READ MORE FROM HERE!!! OMG i love this blog!


Hikaru Yui said...

malaysians have ailyl rozanna =p

tp sayang xpakai tudung plak

Mak Su said...

muka macam anak patung ek....

pinqib, dah sampai lom pakej dari maksu?

sya fieqa said...

sume mo jd cantik coz mo tarik perhatian..

Anonymous said...

she wasn't a goth! she was scene! get your facts straight before writing something!

Anonymous said...

The real kotakoti:

Anonymous said...

ابوووووك يالزين تمووووت خقه

Maria said...

She actually dosn't use photoshop, sometimes a bit on the eyes, but she is magic with make-up! she is a make-up god. :) but anyways, she is beautiful real and fake her! (: wish i looked like that.

Anonymous said...

She is actually 18 turning 19... she lied about her age for God knows what. There was a police report about her somewhere floating around on tumblr with her real age on there.

Hortensia said...

I think the part where you said her boobs get bigger is because she's breathing ._.

Anonymous said...

Who know's if that police report wasn't photoshopped after it was scanned... You never know on the internet. Plus when the myspace craze was huge i had so many of my friends who were only in middle school (12 and 13) who put we were older so we could have a myspace. I bet you she did the same. She is a normal girl after all.

Anonymous said...

I think Dakota is a bad influence on young girl. All girls want to look beautiful, and they look up to people such as celebrities and lots of other people they hear about. I mean, sure the doll like figure of her is nice, very cute, but making yourself look totally flawless and not admitting to using photoshop is just wrong. Dakota definetly uses photoshop, it is not just her amazing skills with makeup, I have noticed she uses editing on her photos and videos myself from other sites and pictures.

Anonymous said...

I like her anyway!
I liked her even when she was a scene trash girl so it was a big surprise for me that this barbie doll was Kotakoti.
I see that her style has completely changed but I still can know her babyface ^.^

Entry Best!