Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Updated** No More Monday Couple =(

SHOCKING NEWS to all Running Man's fans!!!

kredit pic here

I is sad.
Like, seriously.

I've just read a shocking rumor about Song Ji Hyo from HERE. She is one of the main cast of Running Man. She is usually known by the fans as the partner of Gary and they are known as the Monday Couple. But, apparently she is DATING the CEO of her company, Baek Chang Joo!

This is no longer rumors and Song Ji Hyo's manager already confirmed it.

Pictures of Song Ji Hyo dating!:

Lol, why did they blur out that man's face?


To Gary Oppa,

Please be strong.

To Ji Hyo unnie,

Hope you are happy.

We will have uri Monday Couple but know it's going to look unreal. Sigh**

Update: Monday Couple last ep is ep 80 (MAYBE NOT REAL)

Here, I am listing articles about this news:


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

sunday couple.?

kukuchimachikumi said...

sedihnya....sobsobso..even dh lama tak tengok RM

A.I said...

ni real kpop nih.
monday kapel apa lak wey?
adoi aku baru merangkak ke dunia kpop.

Azuan said...




gaya terlebih tapi....

x tgk mana pun running man..haha

p/s : baik ambik ceo dari ex-rapper....kahkah!

sya fieqa said...

tah2 rumors..
nk suh org tgk episod 80..
ye x?

pearl apple said...

yak~~like seriously mang sedih nak mati kot..kecewa gila aku...gila aku suka kot monday couple..adess~~punah tros jiwa aku.,..hahahah~~tapi Ji Hyo nih cantek laaa...i like~~ =)

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