Saturday, April 28, 2012

It' back!!

Oh.. How I miss Harry.. Sobs

Okay.. dont want to sound so exaggerating, BUT

I am here to pronounce that, I am back on schedule Offffffff my DIET program. okay. Noob.

Ive been talking for weeks about been wanting to lose some weight more.. But due to the buzy-ness, I failed. Women and food are so much related. When they're stressed they consume food. Ahhh.. That's more like it. It's not because they want to eat.. So.. because of piled up course works, not to mention, PRACTICUM, I was stressed,. was pressured.

And as the result,

FOOD became my bestbuddy ever. I munched whenever I sat in front of laptop. I thought about eating whenever I went. So.. That concludes how food and I became good buddy..

So, starting from today, I'll try not to consume rice for atleast a WEEK, first. Cox, it's getting harder like before. I am trying to pretend that I am Bella (a vampire bella). So.. for a beginner vamp, food is like blood. Waaaa..


Rowena Zainuddin said...

Sayang, remember me??
It's been awhile I have left blogging. Hehee.
But I'm back on track.
Hey, u gain weight? Errr, did u try to exercise? Cukup laa 30 mins jog a day. Or maybe skipping ke.
Yg penting keluar peloh.
I pon skipping almost everyday blh buat dlm rumah je pon.
when I have extra time then I go for a jog :)

Muttallif said...

better u stick with your diet schedule :) and discipline your self gonna gain more :)

Juliet_iRa~" said...

good luck!

keep it up what u r doing now..


jaga kesihatan sambil berdiet..heee

Entry Best!