Saturday, June 23, 2012

KotaKoti, Real Life Barbie Part.2

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I never thought she would be THIS fake.

File:Koti interview 1.jpg
She is still a cutie, though =)

Everything about her is so fake. I just knew it after I watched the video where she went to Japan (the vid got deleted already) . She did not look as cute as she was in her previous videos. She WAS not even close to being bubbly. Her eyes didn't look dolly anymore. Her boops were not busty at all. (forgive me) hahaha. All, thanks to PHOTOSHOP! Hail to PHOTOSHOP! Haha. And most of all, her face did't look slimmer like it always showed in her videos. Blugh.

List of KotaKoti's fakenesses. Tq

File:Kotakoti fake hair.png
Did you remember in any of her vids, where she showed hair tutos, the hair is super thin. Like she almost being a baldy. Ps. Her face is so different here, almost like another person claiming she is Kotakoti.

File:Kotakoti fake lips.png
She should remember her designed lips shape in every picture/ video she edits because, if she did. This wouldnt be exposed.

File:Kotakoti fake lashes.jpg
How could she say she didnt even use fake lashes. and how possibly it would be.. We are HUMAN.

Fake chin. haha. Why she did that. Her original chin looks good to me.

File:Koti interview 2.jpg
The differences are, eyes, cheeks, lips.. bla bla. Still, she is a cutie. I love KotaKoti, though. I like cute, photoshopped people. Is this a disorder?

Now she is a model for clothes branding. And she doesnt look like a doll anymore. Just a regular girl doing modeling. Plain average girl with beautiful normal figures.

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Anonymous said...



i think shes still cute, though.

Ateyn Bella said...

kueng3, tgk skali pon dah taw fake :P

Sya Zu said...

i knoe it..

KyLe Al-Yamani said...

thnx for the eyes is ori thnk u

Anonymous said...

to tell you the truth, the hair is not FAKE. I have the same as hers but black colour you just have to take care of it like a persom. To tell you the truth, WHO GIVES A CRAP is shes fake she's a female we all have self esteams thats why girls wear make up. Not our fault is we girls are'nt born the way we want to, Just appreciate that she dosent abuse her beuty like the others.. :) not a fan just an opinion :p

Anonymous said...

I thought I should make a comment in reply to the above... the hair IS fake. Her natural hair texture is super thin, suddenly in that one photo her hair is thick, darker with the bangs cut differently, when she posted it she lied and said "i cut my hair differently and used colored shampoo that goes away in a day" uhhh no. She's missing a scalp for pete's sake, suddenly after that picture her hair magically became thinner, ligher and back to it's original hair cut. wow.

and finally, the "Fakeness" of kotakoti goes way beyond what normal girls do (e.g simple to creative makeup) she literally recreates her whole face with makeup tricks then liquifies and manipulates her facial features to something completely different using photoshop, the reason there's such a big drama over this is because of the extent she went (like sending mega-photoshopped pictures to a modeling agency to cheat them into making her a model)

Anonymous said...

all of the features of her face are FAKE!!!

Irene said...

please check this video or add it to the blog, because it shows how "people" edit even their videos.. and its funny too XD (obviously it refers KK but she can claim rights on this video!)

Anonymous said...


the problem is that shes 100% fake and trying to say that she's all natural which gives younger girls,or girls in general,false hope (and low self esteem) that they can look like her too.But in reality she doesn't even look like that.This is where anorexia and obsessions with surgery are started.I mean in reality she should just own up to it and say she's fake,more people would respect her if she did.Obviously she knows she's in the wrong and that's why she feels the need to lie about it :/.

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