Sunday, June 17, 2012


Canon PowerShot A3400IS Silver

Purchased already.
Im a happy girl. Tq for my big sista.
Hee. it's canon baby. Although, it's not Pink. I am not that upset cox i know the function would be the same.. Kumaowo unnie. tq sangat sangat. Hahaha... gonna love every bit of it..

Cant wait to use it.. touch screen wooo.

Unnie, saranghaeyo (^.^)

Total price RM 600+ complete with charger and usb cable.
Satisfied customer.


sarah mohamad said...

Beli dekat mana? Buat review sikittt heeee sebab saya pun tengah nak survey nak beli camera ni heee

PinQib said...

borneo mall.. haha.. kamera tu x smpai lg kat tangan saya.. dekat sabah lg.. hahaha.. tp canon memang lawa la gambar3 dia

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