Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lian Xun, real life male doll

Good day readers!

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Pfft. I realised nowadays people are trying hard to become a doll.
I still dont get it why people tend to photoshop their pictures although they are already good looking in the real life.

I just found out about a male doll wannabe. It’s kinda interesting cox I never thought a man would have so much talent of Photoshop and eager to become beautiful like an anime character just like other Real life Barbies such as KotaKoti and etc.

His name is Lian Xun. From China.

I thought, his edited face looks a lot more scarier than his original face. Much like a pulip doll. You know? Pulip?????? Dolll...........?? Havent heard of Pulip doll?

FINE.Im gonna put a picture of a Pulip doll here and now you compare yourself.

A blue pulip doll

And now presenting Lian Xun pics








Edited parts:

Eyes, nose (of course), chin, cheek and lips.

When... His real face is like this..

See, I told you, he is already good looking.


Zaira Fadzil said...

muka dia lagi cantik drpd kita =.=

kukuchimachikumi said...

sokmo mu suko ore2 gini...plek sayo...

PinQib said...

Zaira: haha. memang pon

Kukuchimachikumi: aku obsed dengan orang yang gune potoshop ni

anamizu kaito said...

bersih suci gila muke die =P

cik ana

Atiqah Wadiah said...

muka bentuk "v"

Ardini Humaira said...

ololooo cungggg gitumo... nok kutey bwaso hehe

Entry Best!