Thursday, July 5, 2012

#Believe by Justin Bieber (audio with lyrics)

Currently dowloading some audios I picked out the best of the best from Justin's latest album, Believe.

There are 13 songs listed but, I really hate it when Justin collaborated with another singers except for Boyz 2 Men, Sean Kingston and Selena Gomez (crossing fingers). This is a kind of syndrome formed when Justin collaborated for That Should be Me song.. (booo me). I just dont know...

So, here, Im gonna list you guys few songs with ONLY Justin singing 'em. And I can guarantee you, these are the best! All of these are fan made audio with lyrics.


A song dedicated for his #beliebers.. Me Me Me! (fan girl mode is ON)


Take You

Catching Feelings

This song is totally cute and I love it coz there is guitar's picking at the background. Like Im having cappucinno somewhere at an Italian coffee shop.

Thoughts of You

This somehow is catchy enough to make yoll move your hips. Haha.

Love Me Like You Do

Justin's sexy voice in this audio really made my day. I wish there would be MV for this song =D

One Love

What can I say... Owe owe..!! Total love! Try listening to this.


A story about a broken hearted girl which her bestfriend fell in love with her. So cute. Who's gonna make her FALL in love....

That's all. Haha. These got rated pretty high by me. Total love and the rest songs from Justin's Album, them didnt favor me that much, not because THEY are not AWESOME, but they did not come even close to my LIKING. Well, i prefer much mello slow songs.. See. Im being really truthful and not biased at all eventho I love JB! (good girl)

Good night

Salam Nisfu Sya'aban

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