Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hello July

Today marked the beginning of the month of July. I love July probably because it reminds me that Im SOON gonna turn 22. My birthday is in Augusto btw. Hahaha.

I am all excited when it comes to my birthday. Well, it has been, like 3 years already I celebrated it with my mates, buddies here in Kedah. So, this year, it's gonna be the 4th! Sadly, most of my friends are not gonna be with me when the time comes. #sabar.

Forget my birthday, Lol!

So.. for today, It's one of my batchmate's birthday also a blogger, YO! Click here to go to her blog. She's a friendly blogger , u guys.

AMY!! (curi dari blog Lazy-ism dari budak lazy. kekeke =D)

Happy birthday AMY, semoga berjaya lagi dunia akhirat. Menten fashionista and sukses dunia akhirat. AMIN..

WELCOME July. And Thank you ALLAH, for the first awesome six months. Alhamdulillah.'

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