Saturday, September 1, 2012

KotaKoti, Real Life Barbie Part.3

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Ohhh.. I always feel flustered whenever I read about Kotakoti. She's so... Ummm.. dollic that I don't even mind being her cyber stalker. Talking about stalking, here is what I can conclude for now:

What Dakota has been doing these past few months as she is (maybe) successfully now hired as a model in Korea and Japan. Wowla. Well. She's an internet icon... if you get it.. And shocking enough, she also collaborated with Etude House, a famous cosmetic brand, originated from Korea. AMAZING!!! (^^) I love this girl, though! (Love from Malaysia, in case you're reading this, Miss Rose/Ostrenga)

Okay. Enough!! Let the pictures do the talking:

The two final pics are her faces from the Etude House ads. Well.She looks average. But still keeping the cute aura.

Edited pic of KotaKoti from Etude House

Retouched pic vs Photoshopped pic

Retouched pic vs vid ads

Fantasy vs Reality

Kotakoti in her new vid, trying to fool us using her fake passport. Made by her. @-@". 16 yearold wannabe

Animated proofs

Focus on the upper lip

Focus on the wiggly nose

Focus on her pointy nose

That knee

Enough for now. Me gonna have a warm glass of milk for brunch. Lovely. Bye.

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Ateyn Bella said...

uuuuu, cane die edit videos eh? curiousss

amy azuha said...

cantek..! teringin nk jadi cam doll

teyhah said...

dasyatt haha

jarigl said...

@Ateyn Bella
plzz girls!! stop getting jealous ,she is beautiful any way and is real too without any surgery ,her features r exactly the same , yes i accept that she made her self more pretty by awesome makeup techniques but stil how many of us try that and luk like a barbie?she has barbie features ,she jst enhance those features,nothing else,so stop wasting ur time trying to present her as fake,wassalam

Anonymous said...

How about dis?

Entry Best!