Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thank You Nuffnang

Recently I have been too busy that I didn't have time to blog. Even my Raya post is still postponed. Lol what to do. Thank you Allah, my practicum is nearly coming to its end.. guess what~? We're busier than ever. With one observation left, the good point is my mental didn't feel too much pressured like before but with the remaining days we need to finish decorating and setting up a Mathematics room. Palli palli! Not enough time.. Must be quick... one solution ..... That is, I ....... Just have to get back to being Arty like I usually do. Ehem... Hehe.. Didn't mean to brag here but I am so creative that my secondary teacher said I could be a fashion designer if I want to. Long story to make it short, i ended up being a 'teacher'. That was a compliment or what?~~ aiseh hahaha~ thank you, sir.. Not to forget my zillion thanks to nuffnang for being a real sweetheart. Yay, I've got one more BE. Despite the the facts that I haven't been much into blogging and yet, they are so kind, I could not say more. Thank you... Adios.. Gonna be in full blogging mode when I finish my practical.. #alhamdulillah


~emi~ said...

whoah..kita tak pernah dpt BE pun. sobsss

Redlomo said...

let try www.nufftag.com

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