Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The thing about anonymous

It is not the first time I received comments from the anonymous here. Or what should we call them., umm... "THE PERSON WITHOUT NAME". Lol. but the thing is, they were nice and I didn't have any problem publishing em here without having second thoughts whether I should delete em or not because you know, they are from Anons. USUALLY comments from anons got deleted!!!

It never occurred to me that one day, this 'person without name''s gonna cuss me for the things I wrote. lol.

To mr/ms anon who might be reading this. I never meant to offend you in any way possible. But, if reading my entry upsets you, then stop doing it. This blog is open for public. Well, I am thankful enough for your opinions and harsh words, but I don't think they are appropriate to be publicized. This is a free self opinion blog where I spilled my words, my randomness, my gibberish talks. If you think, I should get a life or what-so-ever, I don't think you are the right person to judge me.

Lastly. Mr/Ms anon

IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY BLOG CONTENT, just feel free to leave, and dont ever think about leaving a comment or anything because I've got no time to take this matter personally. You are going to feel tired thinking 'sweet' words to write to me and your fingers are gonna hurt a bit from typing =p

So, sayonara. And thank you.
To my lovely anons, I love u!!

To haters,
HATERS' gonna hate ..Xoxo

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