Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What A Boring Night

Sigh*** i left my laptop charger at school today now i am a lost child. Like seriously, tonight is the most boring night ever.... Fuuuh.. So. These are the things ive done so far. Lying...lying...walking...smiling...breathing.... Lol.. i keep thinking about my pakwe's body part (pakwe is laptop).. So tonight... im gonna try to finish writing three lesson plans and hopefully i can go to bed real early. I ♡ sleeping. What to do.. Cyaiyokkkkkkkkkmkkmmm (how to pronounce this? #doubleawesomeness) Two more days... Ps: i dont like the feeling when i am being forced (secara halus) to do something i dont want to i but i NEED to do it to stay survive. Hahaha.. #figureitout Sayonara goodnight

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Anonymous said...

Goodnight dear :)

Entry Best!