Friday, October 5, 2012

CNU B1A4 Bio & Pics

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Salah satu fave idol group korea yang ada pakej. Sore ada, muke pun ade. Cer try lagu "Good Night, baby" sedap tak sedap. Tapi dalam lima member tu, si CNU aka Shin Woo  ni la yang paling kitew sukew sebab omel sangat. Wooo.. hari ini hari jiwa remaja saya bergelodak. ehhhhh


CNU (born June 16, 1991; birth name: Korean 신동우; Romanized Shin, Dong-Woo; Hanja 申東佑) is a member of South Korean boy band B1A4. He made a debut on the stage of MBC Music Core on April 23, 2011. He has been part of two mini albums and one official album IGNITION. As of May, 2012, he is currently playing a part in a KBS sitcom "Seonnyeoga Pilyohae" (Korean: 선녀가 필요해) that can be translated as "Need (a) Goddess(es)", "Need (an) Angel(s)", "Need (a) Fairy(-ies)" or "I Need Fairy(-ies)", the last of which is the most popular yet most erroneous translation. As of June 27, 2012, he is also making another debut in Japan as a member of B1A4[1] who has already topped the Tower Record Daily Chart - Most Reserved.[2]
He was educated at Bongmyung High School, Cheongju.


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