Saturday, October 6, 2012

Faces of Kotakoti

There are so many fans of Kotakoti here..

I love her too, because she's also cute even without Photoshop  Okay, to people out there who miss her like crazy and cox you feel like biting her nose or ears, because there are so cute, here are photos of our Miss Rose for the time being. CC

I dont really like her make up style here. It should be more soft~

Photo: WoooW <3
Hair Style <3
What are you thinking?

Wanting a room like that.


Kinda revealing, huh

Piercings. Too many..

Cute like a baby

Some of you have been wanting to see her bare face.


Sailormoon hair style

Deep stare

Ending pic spam of kotakoti with this:

Have a nice day, people! Love from MALAYSIA!~

PS Need to go back to work!

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