Friday, January 11, 2013


Infinite H stands for Infinite Hip Hop!

Although I am not a real fan of Hip Hop but this one is a major exception! I have been an Inspirit for quite some time now. And I really expect they will succeed. 

Lol. Just cant wait for MV : Special Girl. Please come out faster! This is one song from this new sub-group I have been waiting for. When the teaser was uploaded the other day, I was like, THIS is it!

 Fighting Dongwoo and Hoya.  I hope they also will have great success just like other sub-unit group like TaTiSeo or Orange Caramel. 

List of songs in the album together with the sneak peak of the audio!~

Why so short?? T_T

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Aimy podzi said...

takmau lr yg nie . update lr big bang hehehe

Entry Best!