Thursday, June 20, 2013

How To Revive Your Life in CANDY CRUSH SAGA

To people or game addicts out there who still haven't figured out how to revive your lives whenever you used up all of 5 because you failed solving the puzzle.. No worries~!! Here, I'm gonna share it with you!!!

The steps are SUPER easy...


Using your smart phone or etc, stop playing the game.. Cox you have no life so. it would be useless waiting for.

... Exit the game...

Then... go to phone "Setting"... Go to "Date and Time" section.

and change the date. Forward it to the next day..
For example,

Today: 19/6/2013
Change it to 20/6/2013

Exit the "Setting". Open the CANDY CRUSH SAGA again... You can see that, you have successfully revived your lives.

Wait don't start playing yet!!

Okay.. Exit the game again.. And change the date setting, back to normal.. Then, you can play!~

Just follow this simple steps.. AND enjoy playing CANDY CRUSH...

I know, this is sooooooo cumbersome for some people. If you are truly a gamer, this is nothing meh..

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Umie Artoqiemie said...

kawan aku pun ade ajar camni haha. klaka.

Entry Best!