Monday, September 30, 2013

Ommo, Infinite L is in relationship?


As one of Insprits, this kinda thing shocked me, really.
I ALREADY knew about this few days ago. Now only got time to write about it.

This all happened, when L's 'gf'' posted a suspicious tweet on her twitter. Then everything went insane. Wanna know what happen, Im so nice, im providing these links for u ;

What i can say.. this is somehow a bad surprise to all the fans. 
Sometimes, I do feel pity for them, idols for not be able to live a simple dating life like others. BUT, that's the paths they chose, so, they need to endure it. Im not trying to be cruel by saying they cant date at all. There's no problem about dating, but please, chaebal, save it for yourself. We know about Korean Fangirls Trend already. They go mad when they knew the secs you are in relationship. Somehow, this platonic relationship between idols and fans are too much, I must say. 

Many idols have been receiving the same treatment once the fans knew their idols are dating. E.g Onew, Shinee Jonghyun, IU, Sulli, Victoria (fx) (not to mention, idols got bashed even when they went out as friends, duh). This is so serious. 

With some fanpages created for L has shut to hiatus mode, I think L should, no, MUST/ NEED to come out himself, and explain or maybe apologize. Im not saying this whole dating thing is wrong, but he must remember that fans were the one who made him today. Then, he must know that, the fans also have the power to pull him down. L should break up with her seeing the ruckus she made. Lol.. If she truly loves him, she would have kept this relationship to a point where only they both know.. hahah

And for Kim Do Yeon.. This plastic barbie who bravely proclaimed her love to L in  Twitter, you SHOULD stay away from him.. Attention crave. Lol.. with the series of tweets aimed for L, she should be really guilty for the thing happening right now. Not only L got affected, but also other INFINITE members especially when they are doing their world tour right now. My god...Sigh**

Now, i present series of Kim Do Yeon's pic if some of u havent figured out who she is, she's a model for an online shop selling clothes. Supperr pretty! (i mean, the clothes, not her =p)

#morepicturesofher before surgery .. after surgery GO TO bad-doll 

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Anonymous said...

L ensemmmm....mau fans dia tak marah saja la...adess....this gurl lagi cantek kalo x wat surgery...adeesss..huduhhhhh

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