Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bro to Bro!

It has been ages since my last post. I dont know. Its getting harder to update regularly. I dont think work has kept me from doing that. Prolly because im trying super hard here to keep my blog secret from everybody.

I dont want them to read my super crap blog. U know how annoying boys can be especially when they try to make fun of u.

So far, work has been great for me. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, i am a teacher now. It has been for months already and it still feels surreal!

Whats new???

um.. lately Im so into online shopping. Its like a new disorder for me. Since I dont have to really berjimat (i still save though) like how I would in maktab with the limited allowance and all, i mean, everything i saw in instagram or any website selling stuffs, my brain automatically talks to me like, "we neeeed to have that, uhhhh!" or " Omg!!! That's superrr cute, totally buying it!"

Lucky enough, everything i purchased from the internet is from trusted seller. Except this one. I dont know yet whether this one is scam or not, lets hope not!

you know the tricks when u want to buy or purchase something boyish like having ur car checked at the workshop, or buying something like used shirts, shoes, watches or game consoles, guy to guy talk is the best.

I mean, bro to bro.. it's like there's more trust in the deal. Havent you heard all bros are brothers to other bros. Like, brother from another mother, things like that. Since ive been told that guys would charge more on girl than a guy so the deal i made today, i impersonated as guy. I wanted to a buy a psp for my sister's birthday present.

I dont know whether this seller bought it or not (me being a guy). Ive used too much 'bro' words i guess and it looks so fake.. like "Bro berapa bro nak bagi kite?", "Bro, sorry bro, bro boleh bagi gambar tak bro sebab kite nak tengok badan psp tu ade defect ke tak?" You get it?

Seriously i dont know any boy to boy talks. So... i really hope this 'bro' is really honest in selling his psp to me. Arghh. I spent quite a bit on that, truthfully. So crossing fingers, its not a scam.. insyaallah..

Waargh... signing out... gonna share what i purchased from the net tomorrow! Super excited!!!

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