Thursday, June 2, 2016

Best YouTube Channels pt.1


I have nothing fun to do coz I am stranded in Sarawak,

So, in order to kill my boredom, I started watching YouTube and subscribed here and there and I stumbled few channels that really caught my interest for the past few days.

Man... fyi. I dont watch TV.

So here is my few new subscribed channels that you might wanna check em out!

Number 1

What am I doing??? 

You know, it is oddly satisfying watching someone extracting blackheads/ puss from another person's body/ face. I AM NOT weird because if you look at the comment section, you can find few comments saying, they rather watch this kind of video than porn. Hahahahahah. 

Okay not funny. 

Next is

This channel IS CREATED for people like me and to anybody who have this peculiar taste for criminal investigations or unsolved mysteries vids, THIS is the place to go. I knew about this channel years ago but didn't mind to check it out because I was thinking..


I thought it was gonna be a channel with a click bait titles vids, and..

I was totally WRONG! 

Please-please do check it out okay!

Check out these:

And the last one for today is 

Basically it consist of short videos of fast motion cooking.
Obviously if you try cooking the same recipe, u wont achieve the same results in just 2 minutes. But at least it gives you whole picture of the cooking processes u'll go through.

Interesting menu to try :

Okay signing off. Ill be sharing other channels next time! xoxo

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Anem Arnamee said...

Salam ramadhan juga, awak. :)

Entry Best!