Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Trending Hot dogs in Korea?

Usually we have our buns with meat sausage. But right now in Korea they have these kind of hot-dogs.


They use fish instead of meat sausage?

I think this one is interesting. I am open to new flavor as long as the bones are removed first or... better if the bones are edible as they melt in your mouth. Too much description for a hot dog?

  Maybe this will go well with thai chili sauce?

Another one is the super healthy version of hotdog..
CucumDog as to Cucumber dog? Err weird. I know.

They just replace the sausage with a cucumber. Urgh.. I dont think I can it this one. I am pretty sure this will taste 'healthy' hahaha.  Not tasty.


Maybe if they put slices of cucumber rather than a whole one between the buns I think I might give it a try.

What a weird world we live in...

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